Inflation hits organic products in Germany

Inflation hits organic products in Germany. This is the first time that the market for this type of consumer goods has contracted in its entire history in the country, according to the German farmers’ association. And it is that consumers prefer to buy them in normal supermarkets and specialized stores are the most affected. The sale of this type of product had fallen by 4.1% at the end of October.

For its part, the European Commission continues to support sustainable agriculture. His plan for products of this type involves investing 28 million euros to stimulate demand for them, 36 million to promote sustainable agriculture and 19 million to promote fresh fruit and vegetables.

The objective of the European “Green Deal” is that at least 25% of the European crop fields in the EU are worked organically by 2030. As the critics say, until now the EU mainly supports the big farms, and the small ones feel abandoned.

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exception regime approaches one year with new extension

exception regime approaches one year with new extension