Inflation ‘bites’ a part of the good dividends of the actions

Takeover bids marked the performance of the Colombian Stock Market in 2022

The vast majority of companies that have their Variable income securities listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange They are going to register good results in 2022 and in this sense the shareholders will have good news about the dividends they will receive, but after discounting the inflationary effect, things are not going to be so favorable.

(Stocks that would be more profitable and with better dividends in the BVC).

Until the third quarter of last year, the companies that are part of the Colcap index showed outstanding growth in their net income in the first quarter, providing support for the distribution of profits via dividends.

However, according to the brokerage firm Alianza Valores, the expected dividend yield has grown due to higher dividends but also due to price corrections since the results of the presidential second round.

(Shareholders, with good news for dividends).

For the brokerage firm of the Colombian Stock Exchange “Although we are at historic dividend rates, current inflation levels cause in many cases a more attractive risk-return ratio for fixed income.”

And it is that with the increase in interest rates by the Banco de la República to combat inflation and that have been transmitted to the deposit and placement rates, It is already common to find alternatives above 18% annual cash on CDT titles and even double-digit yields on savings accounts.

For Felipe Campos, manager of Economic Research at Alianza Valores, the good business results of three quarters of last year provide good support for dividends to be distributed to shareholders in 2023.

In addition, he considers that the dividend yield looks high for the usual average because the shares of the companies have fallen since the results of the second round of presidential elections. It must be remembered that despite the good results of the companies they contract with the mediocre general result of the price of securities on the stock market, which in 2022 had an average fall of 8.85%.

(Global dividend payout soared in first quarter.)

And the situation this year is no different given that so far since the first business day of the year the index has had a negative balance of 3.14%.

In addition, we must bear in the balance the expectation of less economic dynamics for this year at the international level and that could end up affecting business results.

According to the analyst, more moderate growth in company profits is expected this year due to the base effect and a tighter macroeconomic outlook, so the dividends distributed in 2024 would not present a high increase, so things are. , the dividend yield in 2023 is likely to decline and become closer to the historical average.

Ana Vera, chief economist at In On Capital, recently said that at the local level Ecopetrol is expected to continue leading the inflow of dollarsEven with the recent issuance of international bonds, you will have several dollars to bring home.

According to calculations by the Corficolombiana firm, this year the Nation would receive $52 billion related to dividends, taxes and royalties derived from the operation of the oil company.

An analysis by the Casa de Bolsa firm mentions that the record in net profit that Ecopetrol would present in 2022 would allow a historically high dividend distribution, even up to $29 billion.


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