Infernax will receive the Deux or Die update with a new playable character and a cooperative mode on April 5


The adventure game Infernax developed by the Canadian team Berzerk Studio (Just Shapes & Beats) already has a date to receive the free update Deux or Die, which will be available on April 5, as announced by the publisher The Arcade Crew. The content of the update introduces two big new features: a new playable character called Cervul the Squire and a cooperative mode in which you can play alone controlling two heroes or with a friend.

Cervul is a character with his own set of abilities that offer a different playstyle than his partner Alcedor, the protagonist knight of Infernax. Unlike Alcedor, who has a shield and mace to deal with his melee enemies, Cervul uses axes to deliver ranged attacks that require more careful placement. The arc of the axes can be controlled to some degree and they offer a versatile playstyle that Berzerk Studio says will reward the player who practices.

Another difference between Cervul and his partner is that he does not use spells and potions. Instead he is equipped with a series of tools that offer access to abilities that help both players. All of Cervul’s tools have a benefit to him, but his true power is in providing utility to both players at the same time. Combining abilities can lead to strategies that will have an advantage when it comes to tackling difficult combats. Note that the game’s difficulty has been adjusted to maintain the challenge when trying to complete the campaign with two heroes at once.

In Cervul’s arsenal we also find a great shield that can block high and low attacks at the same time but while it is used it does not allow attacking; a crossbow that can be used without limit but must be reloaded; a banner that allows both players to gain movement and attack speed; and bandages so that both Cervul and his companion recover a part of their health. All these tools can be improved. For example, one of the shield buffs allows Cervul to hold it in such a way that it serves as a platform for Alcedor, while the crossbow gains range and damage.

Cervul also offers the option to choose abilities that lead him down the dark path, in which case players will have access to a number of different tools.

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