Indra will increase the number of directors to 16 and Pablo Jiménez de Parga will be the representative of Amber Capital

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May 26. (EUROPE PRESS) –

Indra will increase the number of seats on its board of directors from 14 to 16 and will appoint two independent directors, María Ángeles Santamaría Martín and Elena García Armada, while Pablo Jiménez de Parga will enter the highest decision-making body of the technology firm and Defense on behalf of Amber Capital, the fund led by Joseph Oughourlian, Prisa’s top shareholder.

This has been communicated by the company, which will take these proposals to the ordinary shareholders’ meeting to be held on June 30 and in which the ratification of the appointment of José Vicente de los Mozos as CEO is also expected.

“Indra’s board of directors, chaired by Marc Murtra, has approved bringing to the ordinary shareholders’ meeting, scheduled for June 30, the increase to sixteen in the number of directors. With this increase and the appointment of two female directors independent, it will be possible to respond to the new reality created by the company’s new shareholding composition and continue to comply with the best corporate governance practices”, the company stated.

In this sense, the entry of Jiménez de Parga (Prisa board secretary) into Indra’s highest decision-making body occurs after Amber Capital this week increased its stake in the company to 7.239%, a weight in the shareholding which gives the fund the possibility of claiming a seat on the board, in which a free space had remained after the resignation of Axel Arendt after the appointment of De los Mozos as CEO.

The entry of Amber Capital into the body unbalanced the number of independent and non-independent directors, which is why it was decided to increase the number of seats on the board of directors to 16, which with the appointment of María Ángeles Santamaría Martín and Elena García Armada will have eight independent directors and as many non-independent ones.

“Specifically, the proposed appointment of María Ángeles Santamaría Martín and Elena García Armada, if ratified by the shareholders’ meeting, will make it possible to comply with recommendation 17 of the Good Governance Code, with at least half of the independents out of a total of sixteen directors”, the company highlighted.

At the same time, it reinforces Indra’s “commitment” to gender diversity, since it will reach 37.5% female presence on the board, the company added.

“If the shareholders give us their support, we will have a broader, more solid and diverse board to face the exciting challenges and opportunities that Indra faces and respond to the demands of our interest groups. We are building a more consistent business project and we have specific reasons to be optimistic”, said the president of Indra, Marc Murtra.

Likewise, the board of directors has included the proposal for the appointment of Pablo Jiménez de Parga as a proprietary director “in response to the request of Amber Capital” on the agenda of the ordinary shareholders’ meeting.

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