Indie game that surpasses Battlefield and Call of Duty could come to consoles, but it will not be soon

Battlebit has surpassed greats of the genre

One of the great stories of 2023 is that of Battlebit Remastered. The shooting game that was developed by a team of 4 people became a sensation for surpassing AAA franchises like call of duty and battle field. If you don’t have a PC and would like to play it, you’ll be happy to know that it might be on its way to consoles.

What happens is that recently the TheLiquidHorse team, developer of Battlebit Remasterd, participated in a question and answer session on reddit. There he confessed that it is possible to develop a port of Battlebit Remastered for consoles, so we could see it on PlayStation, Xbox and, why not? nintendo switch.

The bad news is that, although there is the possibility of seeing the shooter on consoles, the reality is that it is a long time before that happens. We say this because for TheLiquidHorse it is important to be able to give the same support to the console version and the PC version, something that is difficult if we take into account that it is a team of 3 people.

“Right now [no hay planes de llevar Battlebit Remastered a consolas]For us, experience matters. Currently we wouldn’t be able to deliver the same experience on console and until we get to that point we won’t see a release on consoles,” TheLiquidHorse said. “It’s possible [que llegue a consolas]But it will take a while.”

Battlebit has surpassed greats of the genre

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So there is a possibility that we will see Battlebit Remastered on consoles, but first TheLiquidHorse needs to have the development ability to make it possible. We’ll see if the study’s comment motivates a distributor to support the study with the necessary resources to make it a reality.

What do you think about this new? You would like to see Battlebit Remastered on consoles? Tell us in the comments.

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