INDIA On July 11 the Supreme Court will deal with the issue of violence against Indian Christians

They accepted a request presented by the Archbishop of Bangalore and other Christian institutions. In May alone, 57 cases of attacks on places of worship and other church-related structures were recorded. Monsignor Peter Machado told : “The state apparatus, if it wishes, can control these extremist fringes.”

New Delhi () – The Supreme Court of India will examine an appeal on July 11 to stop “propaganda of hate” against the Christian community and the attacks on their places of worship. The request, presented by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Bangalore Msgr. Peter Machado together with the National Solidarity Forum and the Evangelical Fellowship of India, will be examined by a tribunal composed of Judges Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala.

“In May, 57 cases of violence were verified and more attacks are expected,” said attorney Colin Gonsalves on behalf of the petitioners, when requesting an urgent hearing. “If what is stated is true, it is a serious fact,” the Court replied, setting the hearing for July 11.

The appeal speaks of “sinister phenomena of violence” and “directed hate speech” against the country’s Christian community by vigilante squads and members of right-wing nationalist organizations. It is also alleged that the Karnataka state and central government have failed to take immediate and necessary action against groups that are provoking widespread violence, including attacks on Christian places of worship and other institutions dependent on them.

Bangalore Archbishop Peter Machado told that “The lawsuit was filed by our legal team. We are still hopeful that the government is in a position to control these violent fringes. And above all, we have a lot of confidence in the judiciary, which has always defended the rights of minorities and persecuted people in India.”

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