“Indecision kills our people”

"Indecision kills our people"

Ukraine’s defense minister said Friday that he had had a “frank talk” with his German counterpart about the Leopard 2 tanks, a demand that kyiv is urging to deal with Russia.

Germany has not yet decided whether or not to send the tanks to Ukraine or allow other countries to donate theirs. And all this despite the pressure that the Allies are exerting on Berlin to act.

Also kyiv is putting pressure on Germany. The chief adviser of the Ukrainian presidential office, Mikhailo Podolyakhas assured this Saturday that “indecision is killing more of our people”in relation to the lack of agreement at the Ramstein summit this Friday.

Through a message on social networks, Podolyak urges Western allies to “think faster” about the military support his country needs.

Zelensky’s adviser calls Ukraine Contact Group meeting “global indecision” held this Friday at the US base in Ramstein (Germany), in which there was no agreement to send the “Leopard2” tanks that kyiv claims.

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“Every day of delay is the death of more Ukrainians,” continues Podolyak’s message, who urges the allies to think “faster.”

Already last night, in his usual nocturnal message to his fellow citizens, President Zelenski affirmed that his country will still have to fight “for the supply of modern tanks” and insisted that “every day it becomes more evident that there is no alternative but to make a decision on the tanks”.

Zelensky, who had intervened virtually in the Ramstein session, nevertheless stated that “partners are firm in their attitude” and will support Ukraine “as much as is necessary for our victory”.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted at the end of the sessions, which were attended by ministerial representatives from 50 countries, that no agreement had been reached on the Leopards, but reaffirmed the allies’ determination to support Ukraine. , mainly with anti-aircraft defense systems.

His German colleague, Boris Pistorius, stated that he had ordered his stocks of these tanks to be “reviewed”, as a step prior to an eventual shipment of the armored vehicles, and considers that Germany authorizes their supply to other allies “under discussion”.

Germany’s position has met with criticism from many of its allies. -mainly the US, Poland, the Baltic and Nordic countries- and even the government partners of the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, the Greens and the Liberals.

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According to Zelensky, at the Ramstein meeting Ukraine “managed to significantly strengthen its artillery”, as well as armored vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems and anti-aircraft guns. “The only thing that is worth noting is the time, the delivery time. Each agreement must be implemented as quickly as possible for our defense,” warned the Ukrainian president.

Zelenski thanked the help of the United States, where it is known “that freedom cannot be lost” and asked that this aid not be slowed down.

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