In the end, what will happen: the Bullfighting Fair of the Cali Fair will continue or not

In the end, what will happen: the Bullfighting Fair of the Cali Fair will continue or not

In the Cali Mayor’s Office evaluate the resolution of the Ministry of Labor, which states: “The office proceeds to rule on the immediate stoppage or prohibition of work or tasks in the bullfighting festival that has been taking place in the Cañaveralejo bullring in Cali on the occasion of the Cali 2022 Fair“.

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The Ministry’s decision has to do, above all, with the participation of adolescent bullfighters.

According to the Ministry, there is talk of the participation of the bullfighter Marco Perez, 15 years old, to be part of the bullfight on December 29.

It is also talked about Mariana Mantilla Lemus, in the Amazonas day for the Cali 2022 Fair, which began last Sunday, December 25, and would end on December 30.

However, organizers of the Bullfighting Fair they spoke out and said that activities continue as planned until the end of the year.

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Being so, the Bullfighting Fair – for which on Tuesday, December 27 there were protests by animal defenders on Fifth Street, in the south of Cali, in front of Cañaveralejo Square – would be suspended due to this situation.

The decision of the Ministry of Labor has generated a diversity of opinions, while the Mayor’s Office continues to evaluate actions and decisions, as well as pronouncements.

According to the resolution of the Ministry of Labor, it was ordered “the immediate stoppage or prohibition of the work or tasks of the activity to be carried out in the Cañaveralejo bullring (…), an action carried out through the company Tauroemoción Colombia SAS“.

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According to the Ministry, the participation of minors implies this measure,due to the fact of concurring a serious and imminent risk to the safety or health of the referred minors, in addition to the fact that sports activities/professional bullfighters and/or bullfighting crews are considered the worst forms of child labor and is established in the classification of dangerous activities and working conditions harmful to the health and physical or psychological integrity of persons under 18 years of age“.

The promoters of the Bullfighting Fair insist that are covered and protected by law and that follow the activities.

In mid December, the Senate approved the prohibition of bullfighting fairs in the country.

Senator Andrea Padilla said: “They are still legal, what happened in the Senate was the second debate of the bill that seeks to prohibit bullfights”.

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Padilla said that bullfighting in Cali and Manizales, this December, they would be the last in the country. He explained that it will be a transition that will cover 2023, so it would not be immediate and the signature or sanction of President Gustavo Petro must be waited for it to enter into force in the three years following this administrative act.


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