In Peru, protests head towards Lima

In Peru, protests head towards Lima

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In Peru, the government has been in power for five weeks and almost fifty deaths from shots fired by security forces against protests demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the advancement of elections for this year. The state of emergency and the repression do not stop the massive mobilizations.

The protests that began in the southern Andes, the area with the most poverty and where the ousted and imprisoned former president Pedro Castillo had the most support, have spread to other areas of the country, including Lima.

“The Taking of Lima”

Massive daily mobilizations and roadblocks continue in different regions. The south is paralyzed. In a protest of Andean and peasant origin, from the Andes “the taking of Lima” is announced.

Tens of thousands have begun to mobilize towards the capital to massify the protest in the political and economic center of the country.

The government justifies the bloody repression and reinforces a discourse that criminalizes protests, accusing protesters of being extremists and even terrorists.

71% rejection

The Executive insists on accusing, without evidence, former Bolivian President Evo Morales of promoting the protests in southern Peru.

According to a poll, President Boluarte has 19% support and 71% disapproval. High rejection that is expressed strongly in the streets.

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