In Brazil, a new chapter of the coup saga

In Brazil, a new chapter of the coup saga

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In Brazil, the coup saga continues. The judge of the federal Supreme Court and president of the Electoral Tribunal, Alexandre de Moraes, confirmed on Friday that he had met with a senator who has accused former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro of being involved in a plot to prevent Lula da Silva from being sworn in as the new president of the country.

The judge of the highest judicial instance in Brazil explained that during the meeting he had with Senator Marcos do Val, at the latter’s request, the legislator told him about the coup plans of former President Jair Bolsonaro but that, because he did not want to put it in writing, he was unable to act immediately.

De Moraes’s comments follow the publication of an audio in the Brazilian magazine Veja in which Senator do Val, an ally of the far-right leader during his term, affirms that the then president of Brazil sought help to put together a plot to annul the October elections and stay in power.

Doval says the idea was discussed in a meeting with Bolsonaro and lawmaker Daniel Silveira on December 9 at the presidential residence, just three weeks before Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva took office. And he also says that Bolsonaro gave him the “mission” to record De Moraes to try to get the judge to admit that he exceeded his powers.

Unfortunately we have a part of the elite that flirted with a coup for four years and since last year has financed this attempt.

“All of this is being investigated,” said Judge de Moraes, for his part, adding that “Unfortunately we have a part of the elite that flirted with a coup for four years and since last year financed this attempt. The investigations are getting closer to those financiers and also to the public authorities that were cowardly negligent or complicit in the attempted coup. “

For the professor of International Relations of the Federal University of ABC, Gilberto Maringoni, the confessed history of the Coup is a scam by Bolsonaro and his far-right allies with the intention of creating confusion on the political scene.

“What is happening in Brazil is a confusion on the political scene caused by Jair Bolsonaro and his far-right allies. This trap by Senator Marcos do Val —a man from the security apparatus here in Brazil, and possibly from militias—, along with Daniel Silveira, a marginal, lumpen and former deputy with Bolsonaro; has the purpose of confusing for keep attention on the political situation and keep the Lula government on the defensive. Because a coup in a country the size of Brazil—one of the 12 largest economies in the world—can’t be engineered by three guys in one night. Like in a movie about Cosa Nostra, and the mafia. The story is so fantastic and don’t hold that Marcos do Val changed it four times in 24 hours, it’s pure fantasy to make the political process more tumultuous.” Explains Gilberto Maringoni,

Jair Bolsonaro, who is suspected of having links to the uprising that took place in Brasilia on January 8, has been in Florida, United States, since the end of December.

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