Immigrants Brave Low Temperatures on US Northern Border

Immigrants Brave Low Temperatures on US Northern Border

The low temperatures have not stopped the momentum of immigrants who unauthorizedly aspire to enter the United States through the northern border, bordering Canada.

irregular crossings they already claimed their lives of a 45-year-old man of Mexican nationality, who was found dead in Vermont, according to the Office of Border Control and Protection (CBP) in that northern area.

The action of human traffickers has a relevant weight, assesses Eliana Jaramillo, psychologist at the Center for Help for Latin American Families of Montreal (CAFLA) in an interview with the voice of america.

The specialist points to the false promises of traffickers “‘I’ll take you to such a place, you arrive at such a place, call, ask for a taxi and you’ll arrive’ and, in theory, it sounds very easy, but in reality people find themselves in situations that they arrive at the border with sandals, with inappropriate clothing, at temperatures of minus 10 [grados]minus 15, we have had temperatures this year up to minus 40 in Montreal”.

Last year, a family of four Indian citizens died from exposure in Manitoba, near its border with Minnesota and North Dakota, it reported at the time. Associated Press citing US authorities.

In December, reports the agency PA, a 44-year-old Haitian citizen attempting to enter the United States illegally from Canada was found dead in a wooded area near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, not far from Champlain, New York, approximately 35 miles south of Montréal. In April 2019, a Dominican also died in Canada, not far from Champlain.

The head of CBP in the area of, in Vermont, Robert Garcia, reported through a tweet about these irregular crossings that occur at temperatures below freezing point, but in some cases they have detected families with children and in others They looked like the footprints of a bare foot.

At least in the last few weeks, the operations of the authorities led to the arrest of 115 people.

A woman was arrested in connection with people smuggling. Migrant smuggling is increasing from Canada to the United States, but it is also happening in the opposite direction, making search operations more dangerous for the agents themselves.

Since last December several migrants stranded by their immigration processes in New York began their journey to Canada and, according to CAFLA, they have been processed at the rate of 100 daily asylum applications.

“What happens is that people kind of see it as a fad, running out of a place to go to the United States, then running out to go to Canada, but if you have not finished getting here, you do not say that you are going bad, first you have to look for the possibilities from my point of view because I have a family for which I am responsible and an emotional stability that I have to take care of in my family and it is already quite broken”, considered Maytelin Rosas, a Venezuelan migrant in statements to VOA.

He humanitarian parole Established by President Joe Biden for citizens of Venezuela in October, and later expanded to applicants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti, it is acting for the moment as a brake on irregular immigration that had escalated to record levels in the last two years.

The number of encounters with migrants at the US-Mexico border dropped almost 40%from a record of around 252,000 in December 2022 to around 156,000 in January of this year, according to CBP data.

[Parte de la información para este reporte provino de la agencia AP]

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