“I will make the UK work again”

"I will make the UK work again"

Liz Truss has pronounced this Tuesday her first speech as prime minister from United Kingdom. He has done so a few hours after his predecessor, Boris Johnson, presented his resignation and after receiving the blessing of Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

After 5:00 p.m. local time, the new leader of the British Conservative Party arrived in front of the gates of number 10 Downing Street, where a group of supporters were waiting for her in the rain, and addressed, to cheers and applause, to the British people.

“We are going to transform the UK into a nation of aspirations, with good paying jobs, safe streets and where everyone has the opportunities they deserve,” Truss began. Not without first paying a small tribute to Johnson, whom he has thanked for carrying out Brexit and whom, he has assured, “history will remember him as a prime minister of great importance”, he pointed out.

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Without going off the script, the new British leader has briefly summarized the priorities that will mark her mandate. The first of these will be to get the UK, which is facing rampant inflation and a looming recession, “back to work”.

To this end, it has ensured have a bold plan based on making the economy grow through massive tax cuts and structural reforms that boost private investment. “I will make the country work, build and grow,” she emphasized.

It has also announced, as it had done previously, that throughout this weeka would launch a package of measures aimed at curbing the energy crisis caused by Putin’s war. “I will take actions to deal with energy bills and ensure supply,” he has given as an explanation.

Finally, Truss has guaranteed that “people can get medical appointments“through the national health service, the NHS.

“We can weather the storm and become the brilliant UK that we know we can be,” he concluded before turning and walking into what will be his new residence, smiling.

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