"I don’t need to be muscular"The Last of Us actress defends her role in the series

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The Last of Us week after week gives something to talk about with each episode. In the last 2, 2 relatively important characters that don’t appear in the game appeared, which drew attention because of what they added to the plot. However, one of them, or rather the actress who embodies him, gave something to talk about after a model criticized her choice for her role.

If you are a fan of The Last of Us, surely you already saw episode 5 of the series, which premiered earlier thanks to the Super Bowl. If not, don’t worry, we won’t go into details of the plot beyond the fact that the news revolves around Melanie Lynskey, who played the original character of the series The Last of Us for HBO Kathleen, leader of the imposing resistance group that managed to liberate the state of Kansas from the yoke of the military force PHAEDRA.

The actress’s performance was spectacular, but the winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry, was not happy with the choice of Lynskey for that role.

Because? Adrianne Curry commented through her Twitter account that “her body [de Lynskey] expresses luxury, not post-apocalyptic warlord” and to illustrate this, she shared an image of the actress with a luxurious scene in the background and a Christian Siriano dress that certainly highlights her beauty. The model concluded her tweet by asking about Linda Hamilton (Terminator), hinting that his body would suit the character better, given the circumstances in which the series takes place.

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actress of The Last of Us defended why they chose her for the role of Kathleen

Lynskey realized what had happened and explained the strength of his character, who “doesn’t need to be muscular”.

“First, this is a photo for the cover of a shoot for InStyle Magazinenot a capture The Last of Us on HBO,” the actress commented. “And I play a person who meticulously planned and executed the overthrow of Phaedra. And I’m supposed to be SMART, ma’am. I don’t need to be muscular. That’s what minions are for.”

Lynskey’s response was so popular and celebrated to such a degree that creatives involved in the project appeared to support his message, such as actor Troy Baker, as well as the entire community of The Last of Us. Of course, his main henchman and right-hand man in the series, Perry (played by actor Pierce Jeffrey), also appeared.

“That’s 100% why I’m here,” Pierce said.

“Certified. Grade A. Legend. Fuck tell ’em,” Troy Baker expressed.

“We are the henchmen,” added the magazine InStyle.

Adrianne Curry deleted her Twitter account

After gaining attention for her opinion (which is respectable), the model deleted her original message, but tried to better explain what she meant. As she points out The Hollywood Reporterthe model revealed that her intention was not to criticize Lynskey, but that she simply did not believe her character.

“I said she was too soft-spoken and small and curvaceous to be believed that she was a ‘warlord’ of male warriors in a pack of feral humans in a post-apocalyptic societal collapse,” explained Curry.

In another tweet, he said that his comment was originally a compliment to Lynskey, but that the actress had cut back on what she had said about her perfect hourglass silhouette that men so desire, which “seems somewhat manipulative.” OK with Curry.

Although many took these opinions of the model as criticism directed at Lynskey’s appearance, a practice known as body shaming, the truth is that it is not so much her person or physical characteristics per se, but how they adapt to the character in the context of the series.

However, today it is impossible to see Curry’s tweets because shortly after deleting some, he proceeded to completely delete his Twitter account.

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Lynskey appreciated the support of fans of The Last of Us and from HBO

Following this weekend’s episode, Lynskey took to Twitter again to say thank you for their involvement in the project, and was full of praise for just about everyone involved.

“Wanted to [Kathleen] it looked like she had a notepad with her at all times. She wanted her to be feminine and soft-spoken and all the things we’ve been told are ‘weak’. Because honestly, fuck it.” continuous the actress.

Thus, there were many who identified her with the image of a mother and even, affectionately, as a kiwi mother.

“Rather than working with the creative geniuses I respect and admire [los productores ejecutivos Neil y Craig Mazin]What excited me the most about participating in The Last of Us It’s that my selection suggested the possibility of a future where people start listening to the person with the best ideas, not the coolest or rudest,” Lynskey said in a comment to the producers thanking them for creating this character. brand new and entrust it to you.

“I understand there are some people who are angry that I’m not the typical choice for this role. That’s exciting to me. Besides the call to action, when you feel like you’re actually in someone else’s body, the most exciting part of my job is to subvert expectations,” Lynskey added.

What did you think of this discussion? What do you think of the work that Lynskey did with Kathleen? Tell us in the comments.

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