HYENAS Announced, a Sci-Fi Multiplayer FPS Developed by Creative Assembly


We’ve known for some time that Sega and the Creative Assembly development team (Total War, Alien: Isolation) are working on a shooter, and today the time has finally come to find out. The title responds to the name of HYENAS and it is a PvEvP multiplayer FPS (player against environment and player against player) that will be available during 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store. The title has been announced along with a trailer (without gameplay) and the first details.

HYENAS transports us to a universe where Earth is history, the rich have colonized Mars and the rest of humanity is going through its worst moment in the Tocho, a huge slum in orbit. As humanity tries to survive, the billionaires of Mars seek to fulfill their nostalgic dreams, which include collecting pop culture objects recovered from Earth. That’s where the loot ships come in, huge commercial space vehicles that are dedicated to selling these objects at exorbitant prices.

Our protagonists are an “unusual group of skilled thieves who seek to hit the Martian caste where it hurts the most”, that is, in their belongings. Hyenas, as the raiders (and the game) have been dubbed, infiltrate loot ships, shoot past AI-controlled security, and steal pop culture memorabilia, all on maps where there are zero gravity zones. There are also mechanics that allow you to control gravity, including the magnetic boots used by thieves.

Each game of HYENAS supports 15 players who are divided into three teams of five. Being a PvEvP game that distributes players into groups, in addition to overcoming security, you will also have to deal with the other participants. The ultimate goal is to run away from loot ships with as much loot as possible. Regarding the playable characters, for now Creative Assembly only advances that they are divided into three types: those focused on action, the agile ones who prefer evasion and the support ones that can hack terminals.

Each hyena will have their own unique play style, and more will be added over time.

“In our opinion, the key to the success of a modern shooter is to understand what players want to see and where they want the experience to take them. We are aware that we have something interesting on our hands, but also that the odds play in against us,” says David Nicholson, executive producer. “To compete with the biggest games in the industry, we have to listen to what gamers are thinking from the get-go.”

Once HYENAS has been introduced to the game, a big question mark surrounds it. Will it be a single payment or free-to-play? To have this answer we will have to wait, because Creative Assembly has not yet ruled on the matter. For now, those interested can already go through the official Web of the game and register to show interest in participating in the alpha phase.

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