How to win the MAC10 – Sapphire Orb in Free Fire in the “Lucky MAC10” event

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The events of freefire they offer survivors to purchase exclusive items at a significant discount or relying on the luck of each player to get the best in a few spins. This time, the surprise is the “lucky MAC10”. We tell you how to do to get the maximum reward.

Until March 3, the community of freefire you can spend your diamonds to get the “MAC10 – Sapphire Orb”which offers improvements to damage (++) and magazine capacity (+) in exchange for a slower reload speed (-).

The dynamic consists of mixing all the available prizes (9) as if they were cards face down. Once they are sorted, players will need to spend 9 diamonds to flip a single card. Depending on how lucky you are, you will win the prize of the letter. The best thing is that each card can only be flipped once, so you can keep going until you win everything after 81 diamonds.

The prizes you can take away, in addition to the MAC10 skin, are cosmetic outfits, weapon crates, an exclusive gloo wall skin, and more.

News in Free Fire

FREE FIRE | free diamonds

There are three ways to get diamonds from freefire for the month of September. The first is to download to complete short surveys and earn Google Play credits, which you can then use to buy diamonds on freefire.

The second way is by going to GPT (Get-pay-to) websites and applications. Some of the most popular are Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, Easy Rewards, and Poll Pay. Users will need to perform various tasks like surveys and quizzes to receive gift cards. With these you can go to freefire and buy the diamonds that are needed.

Lastly, the players freefire they can participate in sweepstakes and custom rooms to get free diamonds. Several YouTube channels and Instagram pages host giveaways that give players the chance to get diamonds at no cost. It’s just a matter of surfing the net.

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