How to win the Guardian Phoenix outfit in Torre del Rey in Free Fire

Tower of the King available on Free Fire

If you are thinking of spending diamonds on freefire, we recommend you take a look at the events available in the Luck Royale. Before the day ends, you can try your luck spending diamonds in the event called King’s Tower. We tell you what the dynamic consists of so that you can update the character’s repertoire.

The King’s Tower offers players an opportunity to freefire interested in the outfit Guardian Phoenix and the Katana – Dark Honor. The dynamics of the event is as follows:

  • Spin for prizes in the tower, which consists of five rows. The higher the rank, the better rewards you will get.
  • Get a discount per row and win all the prizes in it.
  • Spin for the key to get the corresponding reward and unlock the next row.

Regarding the price in diamonds, each spin costs 10 and a row costs 40 (after the 20% discount).

Keep in mind that the cosmetic items you can get in this giveaway will not help you win the games, because they have no effect on attacks or combat items.

Tower of the King available on Free Fire

FREE FIRE | King’s Tower Rewards

The tower has five keys and each one offers a unique reward.

Tier 5 – Phoenix Guardian Pack

Tier 4 – Dark Honor Katana

Level 3 – Blue Flame Makeup

Tier 2 – Superstar Grenade

Level 1 – Room ticket

Keep in mind that you can participate until March 27, 2023.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from January 25 to 30, 2023

  • Wednesday January 25: Lucky shop.
  • Friday: Cobra tower, emote recharge.
  • Saturday: evolution of the MP40.
  • Monday January 30: lucky m1014.

All of this content will be delivered on a staggered basis. Keep in mind that you must log in daily in the application to join the event.

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