How to unlock the Google Stadia controller with Bluetooth Mode

How to unlock the Google Stadia controller with Bluetooth Mode

21 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google Stadia has enabled the Bluetooth mode for your controlswith which users can configure the device to release it changing its connectivity to Bluetooth and thus use it on other gaming equipment, despite the definitive closure of the streaming platform.

The cloud gaming service Google Stadia It ceased to be available this Wednesday, January 18, as announced by the technology company in September 2022. After announcing this closure, Google Stadia began to reimburse users for the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ purchases made prior to September 29, 2022 -date of the announcement- through this platform and in the Google Store.

The platform also announced that the Stadia controller would receive an update to can be used in other consoles and servicessince this command was released as an exclusive device for Stadia and could not be used on other platforms.

Now, Google has released Bluetooth Modewhich can already be configured through its Web page and that will give wireless connectivity to this accessory, making it compatible with practically any device that has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), be it a ‘smartphone’, a PC or a television.

command worked with WiFi connectivity thoughafter an update, Google Stadia allowed the controls to be able to connect via cable with some devices. After the launch of the Bluetooth mode, Once configured, it will permanently disable WiFi Mode that you used previously.

In addition, as Google has clarified in the Stadia Help pagethe deadline to make this change is margin until December 31 of the present year.


To access the Bluetooth Mode it is necessary to access the page enabled by Google for controller configuration. The user must have Google Chrome version 108 installed or later and the cable to connect the controller to the PC, and it is recommended that the remote has been charging for at least 30 minutes before to start configuring it.

Once inside the page with the controller connected to the computer via a USB cable, click on ‘Change to Bluetooth Mode’ and then on ‘Start’. After accepting the terms and conditions, the user can continue with the process.

The first step is Allow Chrome to verify the controller. OROnce it has done so, a window will open in which the user must click on ‘Connect’ to finish checking.

Afterwards, it has to unlock remote. To do this, the user will have to disconnect the cable controller and turn it off. With the remote off, you will need to reconnect it to the cable at the same time press the button with three dots located at the top left of this accessory. Finally, they should press the same three-dot button, the Assistant button, the ‘A’ key and the ‘Y’ key at the same time.

After clicking on ‘Next’, you can download Bluetooth Mode updateclicking on ‘Allow Chrome to download’. To do this, the user must select the remote again from the list of Chrome devices and click on ‘Connect’ (as was done previously in the Chrome verification step).

Once the download is complete, click on ‘Allow Chrome to install’ and, if necessary, repeat the process of selecting the remote in the list of Chrome devices. With it, the update for Bluetooth Mode should be installed on the controller and since the process would have finished, the controller can be disconnected from the cable, which would now be ready for players to continue using it outside of Stadia.

This update is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 13, Chrome OS and Android and Steam game platform, the services with which Google has tested compatibility.

Google also clarifies that the Wizard and Capture buttons will stop working once the installation of the Bluetooth Mode has been completed, although a second controller can be connected with the Tandem Mode.

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