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How to recognize PDF text through OCR

How to recognize PDF text through OCR

How to recognize PDF text through OCR -WONDERSHARE

23 Aug. (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

There are tools on the market that allow us to edit PDF files to make them easier to work with, usually using OCR technology, which converts the document into an editable format.

The OCR It is a technology that responds to the name of optical character recognitionthat is, it is a type of text recognition ‘software’ that allows extracting the text contained in an image or a scanned document and transforming it into a string of characters.

Through this method, we achieve that this type of text can be used to convert any type of document for your edition and searchable, for example, typed, printed or handwritten documents.

In recent years, text recognition systems have advanced considerably as technology has developed. Currently, optical character recognition systems recognize a large number of text and character fonts.

This also means that we can use this type of tool to edit any content, such as with PDF element, from Wondershare, with which we can convert a scanned PDF to an editable PDF, being able in this way to make all kinds of modifications until finding the best formula with which to be able to cover all the needs that we have.

To carry out this conversion, on the home page of PDFelement we can open a scanned PDF file and convert it to OCRwhich will allow us to start working with it from the ‘Edit’ tab, since the file PDF OCR preserves and reproduces document layout and formatting elements.

Among the options offered we can perform changes to the textbut also convert images into editable Microsoft Office format either extract data for analysis.

Finally, and if we want to avoid working with the documents individually, PDFelement allows us to transform the batch editable files.

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