How to pay less for your Netflix subscription with a simple trick

How to pay less for your Netflix subscription with a simple trick

Not all accounts Netflix they have the same price. Today, the streaming video platform is charging an extra for each user who does not access the system from the location of the account holder. That is, if you move or something like that, every time you enter Netflix, the rest of the users with whom you share the platform will be left without the service.

If making the extra payment seems inevitable, at least there is a trick to make you pay less for your Netflix account: change your virtual location to a nation with Netflix subscriptions. Netflix cheaper using the VPN service to get a new IP address.

The best thing is that using a reliable VPN to access a Netflix cheaper does not require the configuration of your account, because you only have to change the price plan from the platform.

How to get a cheaper Netflix

  • Sign up for a premium VPN service. (we advise to use )
  • Install the Surfshark app on the device.
  • Connect to a server in a country with cheap Netflix (like Turkey or Argentina).
  • Open the Netflix website or app .
  • Create an account and choose a plan.
  • Enjoy your content at a lower price.

Prices of the extra member on Netflix

If you are thinking of assuming the expense before giving up and moving to the competition (let’s be honest, this measure has generated controversy in the community), we share the complete list of prices for the new profile in Latin America.

  • Colombia: $8,900 pesos.
  • Argentina: $699 pesos.
  • Mexico: $69 pesos.
  • Bolivia: $2.99.
  • Brazil: 12.90 reais.
  • Chile: 2380 pesos.
  • Costa Rica: $2.99.
  • Cuba: $2.99.
  • Ecuador: $2.99.
  • El Salvador: $2.99.
  • Guatemala: $2.99.
  • Haiti: $2.99.
  • Honduras: $2.99.
  • Nicaragua: $2.99.
  • Panama: $2.99.
  • Paraguay: $2.99.
  • Peru: 7.90 soles.
  • Dominican Republic: $2.99.
  • Uruguay: $3.99.
  • Venezuela: $2.99.

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