How to monetize your Telegram channel? Yandex, the ‘Russian Google’, has an offer

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What is Yandex?

Yandex is a leading European technology company that offers various advertising solutions in 50 countries around the world. Their experience in the field of advertising has allowed them to develop advanced algorithms for the delivery of targeted ads effectively. With more than 350 thousand advertisers and approximately 4.5 billion daily ads on average, Yandex has become a major force in the world of online advertising.

How does Yandex work with Telegram?

Yandex has started testing a new tool to take advantage of the functions of Telegram, the popular instant messaging service. This new feature allows advertising to be integrated into Telegram channels, giving channel owners the opportunity to generate revenue from content creation. A bot developed by Yandex is in charge of placing the ads on the channels, always with the permission of the owner.

At first, it had been communicated in this medium that it was a collaboration between Yandex and Telegram. But Telegram clarified that it is not a collaboration and that the bot is developed by a third party.

Unlike other closed platforms, Telegram allows for external integrations, which opens up opportunities to build creative and enriching solutions for users.

How do ads work on Telegram channels?

Ads are presented as posts and can include images, videos, and links, offering advertisers an engaging way to reach their audience. Channel owners have full control over the frequency and timing of ads, giving them greater flexibility in their advertising strategy.

Thanks to Yandex’s experience in delivering targeted advertising, they can tailor their solutions specifically to cater to the Telegram messaging service. Yandex neural networks take into account the theme of each channel and choose ads that correspond to the interests of their audience, automating the process and saving time and resources for both channel owners and advertisers.

This new feature not only benefits channel owners, who can generate additional revenue through advertising, but also provides an external monetization solution for Telegram.

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