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Since 2016, Netflix lets you download whatever you want to be able to watch it offline, a brilliant idea for those who often lose signal because they travel, but want to continue watching their favorite series.

The problem is that this system has a number of bugs that can often be extremely annoying. To this we must add that, if we do not know any way to remove or at least minimize these errors, the situation can even become gruesome.

exist different types of download restrictions manifested in the form of coded errors. But to that we must add that not all series and movies are ready to download.

Netflix excuses itself on copyright issues, cost, popularity, or simply the limitations of local transmission of some of its content to justify that the download is not present.

In any case, the content that is available for download continues to have a series of errors, which we are going to try to ensure that, at least for the most common ones, you know the solutions.

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excessive downloads

If we find the message There was a problem with this downloadfollowed by a code that says 10016-22002, 10016-22005 or 10016-23000, we must know that it is indicating that we have reached the maximum number of programs that can be saved locally on our devices as allowed by the plan we subscribe to.

Netflix also indicates that these codes may mean that we have downloaded dtoo many episodes from a single distributor or that we reached the total download limit of Netflix on a single device, which, in case you didn’t know, is 100.

What is clear is that we must free up space, something that we will achieve by deleting content:

  • We open the Netflix application, touch the download icon in the lower right corner and go to downloads.
  • Once there, we touch the pencil-shaped editing icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Checkboxes will appear for each downloaded movie and TV show. We simply tap on the content box and select the trash can icon that appears in a blue bar at the top.

This is the way to choose which ones we want to delete and which ones we don’t.

In any case, we can delete everything at once by doing the following:

  • We open Netflix and tap on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • We go down and click on the option that says Application Settings.
  • we play in Delete all downloads.
  • We must confirm that we do want to delete all this content in a message that appears to us. Once we press, everything we had saved will be deleted.


If we go into Netflix and see a symbol ! on the download button and then a message that says There was a problem with this download (DLS.2)then it is that the problem has come from the network or from the caching, which is blocking the download process.

The first thing we must try to resolve this error is to disconnect from the WiFi network and then reconnect. In a large percentage of times this solves the problem.

If the problem has not been resolved, then we must go to the WiFi section of our smartphone, regardless of whether it is iOS or Android, to forget wifi network connection to which we are connected. Then we turn off the mobile and turn it on again, after that, we connect again to the WiFi and try to see if the problem is resolved.

The download process can also malfunction due to cache issues. These can be fixed by doing the following, as long as you have an Android:

  • We hold down the Netflix icon and click on the option Application Information.
  • On the Application Information page, we select Storage.
  • After that, all that remains is to click on clear cache.

As we already told you, the above method is only for Android. If we want to clear cache in iOS 16, there is no specific way to do it.

What we can do is delete the application, following this path: Settings> General> iPhone storage> Select the application> Uninstall app.


If you are watching Netflix from your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, it may be that stored system files can block a download attempt.

We could meet the message There was a problem with this download (VC2-W800A18F). This can be fixed by creating a new user profile or by signing out of Netflix and then signing back in again.

To create a new Netflix profile:

  • We must press the menu button at the top and click on the profile change option which appears in the form of two arrows in opposite directions.
  • Then we select one of the list of existing profiles or create a new one.
  • After opening said profile, we repeat the above process and we return to our original profile. Now, we tried to download to see if we no longer have the same problem.
  • In the case of continuing the same, we close the session from Netflix account, we also close the applicationthe we start one more time and put it back our profile.
  • In the vast majority of cases this problem is solved like this.

Other content issues

When we cannot download certain content and an error appears with the code NQL.22007, VC2-CV2-M1-B22007 or VC2-CV2-M1-B22006it is because the content we have chosen is no longer available to view offline.

There may also be an error in a Android device is not supported with Netflix download function. It can only be solved if we log in on another smartphone or tablet that is compatible

Another problem is the region lock. In other words, because of the area where you are, you cannot see a series or movie specific. Here we can do little.

If we see the Error 158, we will interpret it as covering compatibility, DRM or security limitation. We must make sure that we have equipment with these specifications, otherwise that error will continue to exist:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod on iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Android phone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or later.
  • Amazon Fire tablet running Fire OS 4.0 or later.
  • Windows 10 (version 1709 or later) or Windows 11.

Now you know what the main errors are regarding downloads with the most used and popular streaming platform.

By knowing the solutions, you will be able to enjoy Netflix much more.

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