How to earn 16 thousand XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 with a simple trick in just minutes

How to earn 16 thousand XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 with a simple trick in just minutes

One of the new challenges of Fortnite Chapter 4 is to use ten times the Chug Splash, grenades or fireflies. The truth is that the rest sounds exhausted and even tedious, because those items are not so easily found, but there is a way to do it in a few minutes with a glitch that has surprised the community.

The youtuber GKI, known for sharing the failures of Fortnitehe has realized that it is enough to pick up a unit of fireflies to make it worth ten launches.

As you can see in the pictures, GKI captures the fireflies and enters the water to the point of swimming. Then he takes out the fireflies and throws them into the water. You’ll notice that the first toss has counted toward the challenge, but something else happens: the thrown jar of fireflies reappears to be picked up again. In this way, you can repeat the action as many times as you need until you complete the challenge. In the end you will get 16 thousand Experience Points.

Fortnite Is available in PS5Xbox Series X / S, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobiles and consoles of the last generation.

FORTNITE | New reality augmentations

The developers at Epic Games have added new reality augmentations to make gameplay more fun and frantic in the v23.20 patch. We tell you what they are so that you can adapt your tactics on the battlefield.

  • Banana Loot – Receive a treasure map that will guide you to buried treasure.
  • Medical Shotgun – Hitting opponents will restore health and shield
  • Lesson in Humility: Restore health and shield by taking out opponents with common and uncommon weapons.
  • Zero Movement: You will gain zero displacement for a period of time when you shield break an enemy.
  • Mistress of Danger: Restores health and gains movement speed for a short time when your shield breaks.

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