How to delete Discord account

How to delete Discord account

What does a Discord account offer us

Discord is the most popular platform to make voice or video calls while playing video games among all those that exist, offering as its main feature the possibility of create servers that serve as a meeting point for friends or communities, where we can also include “bots” to automate tasks and add new functions to the servers, greatly increasing the degree of customization and improving the experience on the platform.

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Therefore, given its large volume of users, it is possible that at some point we have used it or we have created an account that we no longer want to have or that we do not use, or that for any other reason we want to get rid of our profile on the platform. Whatever the reason, below we will explain how to eliminate all our traces of Discord.

How to delete account step by step

If we have decided that we want to get rid of our Discord account and that we want to delete it, we can do it following these steps from the mobile or desktop appalthough some steps may vary slightly depending on the device, version or platform from which it is accessed.

  1. Enter the Discord app, be it the mobile version, desktop or the web version. We can access the latter from the following link.

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  2. Log in to the account we want to delete if we do not have the session already started, for which we will need the username of the account, the password and a two-factor authentication code if this option is activated.
  3. Go to Discord user settingswhich we will access by pressing the settings wheel that appears next to our username in the bottom left of the screenon the desktop and web version, or by clicking on our user icon located in the lower right corner in the mobile application.

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  4. Once there we will have to go to the section of “User Settings” and there to the tab “My account”, which is the one that is usually opened by default when we enter the settings. In the case of the mobile application we will have to go to the “Account” tab.

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  5. Click on the delete account buttonwhich is located in the bottom of the tab, both on mobile and on the desktop application and the web.
  6. Next, if we have any Discord server on our property, we will get an error that will prevent us from deleting the account until we give control of the server to someone else or until we get rid of it. Yes, on the contrary, we do not have any or we have already transferred them, nothing should come out and we can move on to the next step.
  7. Enter password and identity verification for the last time to confirm the deletion of the account definitively, once we do it and click on the button to delete the account, it will disappear.

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From that moment, if we have completed all the steps satisfactorily, we will have started the account deletion processbut until past around 14 days it will not be removed completely, so if we have deleted it by mistake we should be able to get it back within that time frame by logging in and clicking on the option to restore the account.

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