How to customize the PS5 Control Center for a better experience

How to customize the PS5 Control Center for a better experience

The DualSense and the PS5 They have new tools that you should take advantage of to make your experience the best. Whether you are in the middle of the game, there is a command that you can enable to manage other tasks without leaving the game. What’s more, you can even customize things to your liking to always be aware of everything else that happens on the console in addition to the game.

By pressing the button PS on the remote, the submenu of the “Control center” at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to do a lot of things while you pause but don’t quit the game: adjust audio levels, access your Spotify account to play music, add devices like headsets and access VR settings, and more.

You can also customize the menu “Control center” by hovering over one of the menu items and pressing the button “Driver Options” to the right of the touch panel. You can then select and deselect a list of items that you want to appear in the Control Center.

Among the games that support them, the “Control center” it can also show you challenges and activity cards. Challenges task you with setting your best record for a quick run or other timed or ranked event and allow you to compare your score with your friends. you can start a Challenge or accept a challenge from a friend; the PS5 Send notifications when someone issues a challenge. In addition to comparing scores with friends, you can also compare them with global leaderboards.

PS5 | How to customize the control center

  • Press the button PS to see the control center. Select any icon in the control area and press the options button. Select the icon you want to move.
  • Now you can move the icon. Move the icon where you want, then press X to drop it in one place.
  • To hide an icon, move it to the hidden controls area on the screen. Repeat steps 3-4 until you’re done customizing Control Center, then press the Options button.
  • You will return to the original screen.

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