How technology can help balance employee engagement and well-being in hybrid work environments

How technology can help balance employee engagement and well-being in hybrid work environments

Dec. 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

The coronavirus pandemic has favored the implementation of flexible work models that demand new ways of reconciling participation in the workplace with the well-being of the worker himself. Technological equipment is called upon to resolve possible barriers that may arise create a collaborative culture in the company.

hybrid work offers flexibility to workers that they can set up their workspace in the office or at home and even change schedules without affecting their performance.

To do this, they demand tools that allow them to change locations and devices without interruptions and with which they can also participate and collaborate with other colleagues, something Lenovo is actively working on with its ThinkSmart Core range, powered by Microsoft software tools.


In response to these demands, 44 percent of companies say they vaa acquire hybrid collaboration tools that improve communication between their workers, according to a recent study by Lenovo.

But the technical needs they are not the only ones who have changed in these last two years; remote workers have also perceived a decline in their well-being, mainly due to mental health problems derived from the pandemic and the loss of social interactions.

This has also led 44 percent of organizations to review office layout to align it with new needs, according to the ‘Intelligent Workplace Report 2020: Shaping Employee Experiences for a Transformed World’, prepared by NTT.


These proposals are included in Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Core catalogue, whose solutions have been designed to blur the obstacles that prevent smooth work between those who are in the office and those who work remotely and create a collaborative culture in companies.

An example of this is the ThinkSmart One bar. Located under a screen, it takes up almost the entire meeting room space with its Full HD camera (100º) and gives voice to all present participants with the eight microphones with 180-degree coverage that it includes.

Both those who are in the room in person and those who connect from other locations converge in the same space through Microsoft Teams Rooms, which offers a digital meeting room where employees can join instantly, where they can share documents with shared use and work collaboratively in real time on a digital whiteboard.

This experience is completed with the ThinkSmart Hub, which also has Microsoft Teams Rooms integrated. This all-in-one room system it is designed to make meetings more effective. It has audio and video and a touch screen that allows you to manage the start of the meeting with a single touch.

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