How sports betting behaves in Colombian soccer

Santiago Melo, managing director of Betsson Colombia

This Friday, July 14, begins a new edition of the first division tournament of the Colombian professional soccerFPC) and, therefore, the fans of the teams are already waiting for the development of the championship.

For this tournament, as in any edition of the national tournament, public opinion is beginning to define which are the clubs with the best chances of winning the year-end star, which can be seen in the behavior of the bookmakers.

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Santiago Melo, managing director of Betsson Colombia bookmakerexplained to Portfolio how the betting system behaves in Colombia and how they can dictate which teams have the most options to win the championship, taking into account the tendency to bet in favor of the most important institutions.

In the FPC we see that the fans of teams such as Atlético Nacional, Millonarios, Santa Fe and América de Cali predominantly bet. Although we see bets on secondary teams, it is important to note that the fans of the teams in the top positions in the Colombian league tend to be the ones that generate the most bets.“, he assured.

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The expert affirmed that betting in Colombia not only involves the fans of a specific match, but it is also a space for other bettors to participateciting as an example the last final of the FPC between millionaires and National Athletic.

Santiago Melo, managing director of Betsson Colombia


This was one of the great events of the year, since it moved not only the fans of these two teams, but also users who bet on other teams within the Colombian league. The bets were very even in favor of both teams; but, as tends to happen in big matches, we didn’t see many bets on a draw in the first 90 minutes“.

Situation and expectations

As Melo explains, the sports betting market in the country has not stopped growing, to the point that, currently, for example, a bookmaker serves as the main sponsor of all the tournaments of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor), in addition to several others sponsoring various teams in the league.

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This has been reflected internationally through the creation of alliances with other clubs from countries in the region.

Sports bets

Sports bets.

The betting market in Colombia continues to grow as more fans find in sports betting a way to enhance their experience with the different teams and leagues they follow. For this reason, becoming the official sponsor of Boca Juniors is a commitment to our users: we want them to live the passion of football and connect with their teams through the experiences we generate.“, he indicated.

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The same way, The expert indicated that the Colombian market is also a strong player in operations related to soccer tournaments in Europe or other international tournaments.

The leagues in which users bet the most tend to be the European ones. An event like the Champions League final generates a movement in bets that only tournaments like the World Cup or the Copa América are capable of generating. Colombia is a country that strongly follows what happens in all the European leagues and where the level of bets drops significantly when they are not active.“, he added.


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