How long is the agreement between Xbox and Sony to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation?

We will continue to see Call of Duty on PlayStation

Everything indicates that the purchase of Activision Blizzard King by Xbox will close sooner rather than later. For this reason, Sony had to give in and accept the agreement that Microsoft gave it to maintain call of duty on PlayStation consoles, but how long will that contract last? We already have the answer.

Sony confirmed to Stephen Totilo, a journalist for Axiosthat your contract by Microsoft to maintain call of duty on PlayStation only guarantees you 10 years of the FPS franchise. So it’s a deal similar to the one it signed with Nintendo, Nvidia and other video game streaming companies.

No further details about the deal are known at this time. So it is a mystery if they reached other agreements related to services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. We will stay tuned and let you know when we know more about it.

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whatcall of duty Will it only stay 10 more years on PlayStation?

Now, does this agreement mean that we will only see 10 more deliveries of call of duty on PlayStation (if the series remains annual)? Not necessarily.

Remember that Microsoft has made it clear that its intention is that call of duty a multiplatform franchise is maintained and that we will see it even on PlayStation 7. So, there is always the possibility that when this decade passes Xbox will sit down again with companies like Nintendo, Sony and Nvidia to discuss new terms that carry call of duty to their platforms.

That being said, a lot can change in 10 years, and Microsoft may decide that it is in its best interest to keep call of duty as exclusive. It is also possible that you want to negotiate with these companies, but they cannot find a mutually satisfactory agreement.

In other words: in the long run, the future of call of duty as a cross-platform release is up in the air. Everything will depend on the situation in which the video game industry finds itself in 10 years from now.

What do you think about this new? Do you think this is a good deal? Tell us in the comments.

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Call of Duty is guaranteed 10 years on PlayStation

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