How could you see a live-action of Chainsaw Man? here the answer

How about?

One of the most popular anime series of 2022 was undoubtedly Chainsaw Man, which ended its first season a few weeks ago, leaving all its fans wanting more. It is because of this that a fan decided to create an art of how a live-action starring Tom Holland, who would play Denji, could look like.

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As you surely remember, Chainsaw Man It had 12 chapters in total and now the fans are crossing their fingers that the continuation of the story in a new part is confirmed.

While that is happening, a talented follower of the saga decided to create a fanart in which several well-known actors can be seen playing each of the anime’s characters, so we leave it to you below.

Here you can see it:

How about?

As you could see, the user, who is part of the Awfulfanposters account on Twitter, decided to use a more striking cast, since he chose Tom Holland as Denji, Margot Robbie as Makima, Zendaya as Power, Ryan Gosling as Aki, Kristen Stewart as Himeno and Mads Mikkelsen as Kishibe.

It is worth mentioning that this creative version of Chainsaw Man It would be a production worthy of Hollywood, since it would have the direction of Quentin Tarantino and even Netflix would be part of the production.

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Of course, it’s all a joke and the great imagination of the aforementioned account, so anime fans will have to wait until it is confirmed what will follow for Denji and Pochita in the future.

What did you think of the poster? Tell us in the comments.

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