He "chatbot" of Google’s AI passes the exam to be a doctor in the United States

He "chatbot" of Google's AI passes the exam to be a doctor in the United States

Healthcare is one area where technology has already shown tangible progress, with some algorithms demonstrating be able to read medical scans better than humans.

Google had introduced its dedicated artificial intelligence tool for medical problems, called Med-PaLM, in a prepublished article in December.

Unlike ChatGPT, the system is not accessible to the general public.

Google claims that Med-PaLM is the first major language model–an artificial intelligence technique trained on large amounts of human-produced text–to pass US Medical Licensing examination (USMLE).

This exam You are allowed to practice medicine in the United States and you have to get a score of about 60%.

A study revealed in February that ChatGPT had obtained quite satisfactory results in the exam.

In a new peer-reviewed study published Wednesday in the journal Nature, researchers at Google said that Med-PaLM achieved 67.6% correct results on USMLE multiple-choice questions.

Some results “encouraging, but still inferior to those of humans,” says the study.

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