Happytalismo, how to take advantage of technology for personal development


García refers that since the pandemic, many of the guidelines and expectations of what labor and personal well-being implies have been modified. The digitization of work schedules allowed the rise of remote activities, which are now seen as opportunities to save time and find greater personal fulfillment.

He mentions that technology has made it possible to identify talent in other regions of the country where companies do not have a headquarters and give them an opportunity to enter the organization, something that also nourishes companies, because it combines different cultures, ideas and knowledge.

Technology is an ally of happytalism

According to Daniel Hoe, head of marketing for Latin America at Salesforce, the use of Artificial Intelligence technology can be an ally to achieve this goal of being more productive and spending time with the family, he exemplifies.

For jobs focused on technology development, Hoe details that Salesforce is making use of tools that help software researchers create programs or improve functionality much faster.

“This makes you more productive,” he says. But he also highlights that the ideal is not to finish work faster to meet other pending obligations, but to have time for personal growth, such as studying something new or spending more time with the family.

What is needed to motivate happytalism?

Marlene García points out that in order to put this concept into practice, a more open work culture is needed, in which trust within an organization is a daily matter and other talents can be encouraged.

In addition, it emphasizes generating programs within companies that allow these skills or talents to be developed, as well as updating and modernizing policies, especially to meet the dynamics of the new generations that are beginning to work.

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