Greece accuses the Turkish Army of violating its airspace more than 750 times in June

Greece accuses the Turkish Army of violating its airspace more than 750 times in June

July 2 () –

The General Staff of the Greek Army has denounced this Saturday that Turkish Army fighter planes and drones have crossed its airspace without permission up to 760 times over the past month, in a new episode of the upturn in tension between the two countries that occurred throughout these last few months.

In nine of these cases, Turkish planes flew over Greek islands and in another 17 they carried out alarming simulated attacks or air combat rehearsals.

Greece has reported up to 4,000 such incidents so far this year, which the European Union has condemned as a security threat.

Turkey does not belong to the EU but is a partner of Greece in NATO, although the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has expressed his disagreement with this relationship on numerous occasions.

In fact, during the last summit this week in Madrid, Erdogan accused Athens of doing exactly the same thing in more than a hundred raids.

“Turkey is not looking for a war against Greece, but Greece does not keep its promises. They have committed 147 air violations. If we are neighbors, if we are friends, why do they violate our airspace 147 times?” Turkish state news agency, Anatolia.

Ankara denies the sovereignty of Athens over several islands in the eastern Aegean because they are used for military purposes and Turkey has complained to the United Nations that this situation violates the Treaties of Lausanne (1923) and Paris (1947).

Athens retorts that it needs to use the islands in this way to counter the threat of a possible amphibious assault by landing craft from the Turkish west coast. To this must be added disputes over Cyprus, gas fields and migratory conflicts.

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