Grand final of the LLA Apertura 2023 will arrive at the Movistar Arena in Chile

The Movistar Arena became the starting point for what would become the Latin American League

This week we were able to enjoy the start of the 2023 season of the Latin American League of League of Legendsin which the 8 best teams in our region will compete every week with the aim of advancing to the playoffs and seeking their pass to the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational.

Several days ago during the Season Start, we were confirmed that the final of the Opening split would return to Chile, although this announcement did not reveal more details about the city or venue that will host this great event.

However, surprisingly, we were finally able to find out the exact location of the place where the next LLA champion will rise, after the organizers of a new event focused on gaming and esports revealed it on their official accounts.

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The Chilean capital will define the champion of the Apertura split

As part of a new network campaign, Gamers City Santander, an event about to debut produced by Bizarro Live Entertainment, confirmed that as part of its main billboard they will have the final of the LLA Apertura 2023.

According to the information found on their networks, this meeting between entertainment and video games will take place from April 14 to 16 at the Movistar Arena in Chile, a venue that has a capacity for more than 16,500 people.

This complex located in Santiago de Chile may be somewhat familiar to fans of the competition, since several great finals of the Latin American competition were held here, among which the Movistar Latin America Final held in September 2018 stands out.

The event is well remembered among the community since it marked the end of an era by saying goodbye to the main tournaments of yesteryear, the North Latin American League and the South Latin American Cup, to give way to the merger with which the LLA would be born the following year. .

In addition, in this same INFINITY squad would emerge victorious with a masterful 3-0 against Kaos Latin Gamers, in what was the prelude to a participation that would be historic during the 2018 Worlds Play-In.

This is how one of the most important sites in all of Chile will once again receive the best teams in the region, who will do everything possible to become legends and be the representatives of Latin America in the largest mid-season tournament.

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The Movistar Arena became the starting point for what would become the Latin American League

At the moment, the Riot Games team has not commented on it beyond confirming the news, so we will have to wait a bit to learn more about the next Opening 2023 final, as well as prices and ticket sales. for Gamers City Santander.

And you, what did you think of this news? Will you enjoy the final of the LLA Apertura 2023 in Chile? Tell us in the comments.

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