Google will use AI to improve ads and business images

Google will use AI to improve ads and business images

Simple campaign management

Bard and ChatGPT came to change Internet searches. For this reason, Google wants to bring the experience of making requests in natural language and obtaining results to the advertising field, since now it will be possible to carry out campaigns in Google Ads through a conversation with the assistant.

For example, it will be possible to ask you to add a landing page on the website. You will also be able to generate keywords, titles, descriptions, images or more elements relevant to the campaign, which can be edited before being implemented in the final version.

In this section, the technology company announced Product Studio, a set of elements that will help create ads tailored to businesses, such as the ability to create images based on campaigns without the need for new photo sessions, something that can help to small and medium-sized companies with a low budget for this aspect.

Likewise, and to help edit images, other novelties are the ability to remove the background of an image, even if it is complex, in addition to increasing the resolution of your photos.

According to Jeff Harrell, Director of Shopping at Google, these measures are important, since in electronic commerce products that have more and better images are very important, since they generate 76% more impressions and increase clicks by 32%.

AI Enhanced Max Performance

One of the most relevant solutions in the field of advertising that Google currently has is Performance Max, which increases business performance and now the company announced the implementation of generative AI to learn about brands and complete their campaigns with text. or other relevant assets, such as exclusive images.

In this regard, the company said that access and understanding of the performance of the ads will also be facilitated through more detailed information reports where they can see how buyers interact with their business in Search and Maps.

A few weeks ago, at its Google I/O event, the company announced news that will reach Search, which will also directly affect the ads that appear on this platform and will be driven by AI.

Taylor highlighted that as the elimination of third-party cookies in Chrome is implemented -from the beginning of 2024- the development teams will adapt the new tools to the Privacy Sandbox standards to comply with the privacy measures that it intends. .

It is worth mentioning that these new features have already begun to be implemented in some companies, but their scope to all businesses will arrive in the coming months with the aim of completing the launch for the entire world in 2024.

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