Google will introduce cough and snoring detection options in the Digital Wellbeing ‘app’

Google will introduce cough and snoring detection options in the Digital Wellbeing 'app'

Sep 5. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google plans to implement the ‘Cough and snoring detection’ option on Android devices in the clock of these terminals and through the Digital Wellbeing application, which in Spain is available as digital wellbeing.

At the end of May, 9to5Google announced that the company was working on two new functions capable of detecting coughs and snoring, which were part of the team’s research. Google Health Studiesthe Google tool focused on the study of diseases.

This portal noted these capabilities in the code of the 2.0 update of the aforementioned application, in whose APK audio data was introduced for the development of algorithms for monitoring users’ sleep.

Now, this same medium has agreed to the latest beta update of Digital Welfare, version 1.2.x, in which he has found a series of lines of code that suggest possible future features related to this area.

Specifically, it has agreed to the name ‘Detection of coughs and snoring’, which will be part of the ‘bedtime mode’, Available with the Clock app on Android OS devices.

This tool creates a reminder that notifies the user that they should go to bed and allows them to activate ‘Rest mode’, which silences the phone and turns the screen black and white during sleep, among other features.

To access other features, such as checking recent sleep activity, users they must use the Digital Wellbeing app. This service, together with Clock, accesses information on the daily use that users make of the applications and data from light movement sensors during scheduled rest hours.

Now, Google is beginning to implement a new option in this section, which will allow tracking and detect snoring and cough during rest, after manual activation by the user.

This is necessary for the device owner to modify the app permissions and grant you access to the microphonewhich will remain active during the predefined schedule in the Clock application.

In this sense, both the cough data and the snoring information will appear together with the existing information on the use of the application, accompanied by a series of charts to illustrate sleep habits.

In addition, this service will also offer the possibility of reporting that neither cough nor snoring has been recorded during the scheduled bedtime on the smartphone’s clock.

At the moment it is unknown if this feature will be available for all devices with the Digital Wellbeing app downloaded or if it will only be intended for users. pixel phones.

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