Google will allow filtering ratings in the App Store in relation to our device

Google will allow filtering ratings in the App Store in relation to our device

It seems that Google has listened to its users in relation to a very specific feature that has to do with the ratings in the company’s application storeand it is that as we can read in AndroidPoliceit seems that from now on we will be able to filter the evaluations of the store by device model.

This will allow us, among other things, to ensure that no matter how much an application has, in general, positive ratingsthe application will work correctly in our terminal, something that may sound a lot specifically to the most veteran users of MIUI, where sometimes Some features, such as the first dark themes, could cause problems in some terminals and not in others.

Likewise, we will also find an additional filtering by region, so that, for example, we have a Samsung Galaxy S22 in Spain, the store will prioritize reviews issued from the same terminal in the same country to those arriving from other countries and terminals.

Apparently this will work not only on smartphones, but on any other Android device like tablets, smartwatches or Chromebooks, so we should be able to be prepared for certain bugs specific to our platform.

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