Google TV introduces new tabs to facilitate access to entertainment content from various platforms

Google TV introduces new tabs to facilitate access to entertainment content from various platforms

24 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google TV has implemented an update in which add four new tabs in the ‘For you’ section that will facilitate access to content from various platforms separated in Movies, Shows, Family and entertainment in Spanishwithout having to jump from app to app.

As mentioned by the technological giant the average household subscribes to more than five different entertainment apps. Based on this, Google has updated the Google TV services with the objective of improving the search work of the user among the large number of options that facilitate the multiple streaming content platforms like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

In this sense, Google TV has added four new pages who recommend content specifically selected according to the tastes of the user. The content they display is selected among all the platforms offer to which the user is subscribed.

These tabs divide your content according to the categories of Movies, Shows, Family and entertainment in Spanish. Thus, they are located below the row of applications, in the ‘For you’ tab. This update is starting to roll out, for now, to the US Google TV users.

As explained by Google in a statement from your blogthe section of Films shows “thousands of titles” divided by genre or theme, plus personalized recommendations, new releases, and “hot movies.”

On the other hand, the tab shows includes programs and series of various typesas well as new releases of popular series or programs. In addition, once a series or program is finished, Google TV will offer recommendations for other similar programs.

Following this thread, the Family section offers from classics to new releases all of them designed for a family entertainment, as indicated by the name of the section. The content displayed will always have a rating of PG content or below.

Finally, in the tab entertainment in Spanish they will be included movies, shows, soap operas and live TV in Spanish. It also offers access to applications such as Pantaya or FlixLatino and content dubbed and subtitled in Spanish.

In addition to all this, Google TV has also made some navigation improvements as the relocation of profile selector in the top left corner to “be able to seamlessly switch between profiles”. Other improvements are that the search it will also move to the far right and that a new quick settings button.

These latest developments in navigation are already being implemented globally. Thus, discovery and navigation updates will be available to Chromecast with Google TVand other Google TV devices like Hisense, Philips, Sony and TCL.

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