Google is going to delete your photos: what you need to do to avoid losing them

Google is going to delete your photos: what you need to do to avoid losing them

The photos They are a resource that serves to save important difficult moments in the life of each person, so that, in very special cases, they are a tangible sample of important or meaningful events.

Thanks to the technologytaking pictures has become something widespread and within the reach of people who have access to a cell phone, not only because of being able to take snapshots quickly, but because there is also the option to share them on social networks Or simply, save them in memory.

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One of the applications for storing graphic material is google photosone of the programs in the suite created by the most important internet search engine in the world.

Google, like any other important company in the technology sector, is constantly renewing its services and the application of Photos is not alien to that matrix.

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However, among the updates that the application will have, it will be in the function of the Photo albumwhich Google will intervene in a very particular way, because he announced that this option will disappear on July 19which may mean the disappearance of some photos in the phone memory of each person using Android devices.

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Given this scenario, if your desire is not to lose a single photo from your roll, which you can do before the day arrives when the Photo Album is not available, It is recommended to check if you have any files saved in the cloud.

In the event that it does, it is advisable to save said data on your cell phone in order to prevent this information from being lost with the deletion that Google will carry out.

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According to the portal of the portal specialized in technology ‘Genbeta’, in order to download all the files of this tool, all you have to do is go to the portal of Google Takeout for detailed information on the process.

Through this function you can have several ways available to exploit your files, so it is necessary to select the type of file with which you want to obtain your data and the weight with which you want to export them and thus have at hand the information you have had stored for years.


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