Google introduces more ads in its app store within the recommendations section

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May 26. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google this changing the way of advertising in its app storeincreasing the number of ads that it displays in the recommendations section and changing its appearance so that it takes up more space on the screen.

The tech giant already started showing more ads on Google Play earlier this month, including ads in the app search barwhich are located at the bottom of the text field and stand out from the latest searches made by the user.

Now the app store continue rolling out changes to incorporate more adsthis time, located in the starting screen inside of app recommendations sectionas you may have known AndroidPolice.

When accessing Google Play, a section of suggested applications is displayed in the main tab. Within this section recommended apps are usually displayed in a rowwith his icon and name of the ‘app’ below. In addition, sliding to the left shows more recommended ‘apps’.

With the change in format, this section shows, in addition to the icon and the name of the ‘app’, a promotional image of the application. As a consequence, now the applications are displayed in two rows and with a larger sizehence take up more screen space and it is possible to show a greater number of ‘apps’. In addition, it maintains the option to show more applications if you slide to the left on the screen.

The increase of ads and the change of appearance in Google Play is still being implemented, so it has not been carried out for all users.

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