Google Drive lets you annotate a PDF file with your finger or a stylus

Google Drive lets you annotate a PDF file with your finger or a stylus

13 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google Drive has implemented a update with which allows the user to add annotate PDF files using a stylus or writing directly with the fingerwhich can later be saved in the document itself.

The technology giant has included this improvement in the app update Google Drive, facilitating and encouraging the use of this application on tabletssince it will be easier to write annotations directly in a document.

In this way, Google details in the help center page that from now on “it will be possible to use a finger or a pencil to freely write annotations” in a file displayed on the Drive preview screen on devices android.

In order to make these annotations, it is necessary to have Downloaded the Google Drive app. Within the ‘app’, the user must open the PDF file they want to work on, in preview mode. So you just have to press the annotate icon that appears in the lower right corner with a drawing of a ballpoint pen.

Once the annotate button is active, a screen will be displayed toolbar with multiple instruments to choose from and start writing. Regardless of whether the user decides to write with the help of a stylus or his own fingers, he will be able to choose between tools such as a marker or a pen, a highlighter and an eraser.

The toolbar also includes options like undo or redo, which are indicated by forward or backward arrows. Likewise, the user may also show or hide annotations you make in the PDF with the ‘Show/Hide annotations’ button, and you can choose wider or thinner paths and different colors to adapt the writing of the annotations to the needs of the user.

Another important aspect is that, once it has finished writing, the file original can be saved with annotations included either as a copy of the original.

As detailed by Google, this update is already being implemented on all Android devices (version Marshmallow 6.0 or later) and for all Google Workspace and G Suite customers.

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