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Google changes the design of its Weather app and boosts its weather accuracy

Google changes the design of its Weather app and boosts its weather accuracy

The changes in design, functionality and precision that the new version of the Google Weather application shows off.

We are in the middle of summer, and with it, a heat wave that has no respite, and surely you visit the relevant weather applications several times a day, including Google’s.

The Google weather application has been with us for countless years, but it has practically not undergone any design change, except for several elements to adapt it to larger screens such as tablets.

But finally those from Mountain View are daring to improve their weather appnot only by making it more precise but by changing certain aspects of the design that you are going to like.

Now the application of time presents a completely transparent system navigation bar, something that drinks from the latest recent changes from Google.

However, in May we already saw evidence that Google wanted to shake things up with the weather app, giving it more prominence in location-based search results, and offering more attractive cards.

Greater precision in the application of time

But the accuracy and reliability of short-range forecasts have also improved, and data is now updated several times an hour and comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration MRMS and HRRR sensor systemsto.

Thanks to this, you will be able to better plan your next movements, such as sporadic trips, having a weather forecast a few hours away.

And with all these previous changes, the new navigation bar of the transparent system of the application could go unnoticed and that many people are already enjoying.

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