Google Calendar allows you to add your working hours so that you are not included in meetings outside of your day

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The new Google Calendar update allows you to edit time slots in which you are or are not working. Added to the possibility of location, the tool adds more elements to organize the working day.

He telecommuting It’s a reality, jobs that require you to change locations or travel to parts of the world with different hours, too, and Google he knows. So after adding the ability to include your location at different times of the daynow it also does it with the stripes of your business hours in Google Calendar.

The new update of Google Calendar in the framework of WorkSpace allows include different working hours throughout the day, in addition to the location where you are at that moment. This makes it easier to plan your working day with your co-workers or clients, just as reports The Verge.

Book offices, set up meetings, notify unforeseen events or schedule changes or locating a colleague who teleworks or is at an event, all this is much easier thanks to this new Google Calendar functionality that intends to help with labor organization.

Also, if you are a coordinator or someone who organizes the rest of the day of a work environment, also you can organize the daily slots of the rest of the classmates both in location and time.

The feature is now available for Google Workspace: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Update, and Non-Profit Organizations

Automatically decline meetings in Google Calendar

To use this new feature, tap create on the main page of the Calendar and then in work locations. An option will open that allows you to edit the corresponding time slot to your schedule at every moment of the day.

To the activate working hours Google Calendar It will pass you all the meeting requests and allow you to be included in it. If instead you select: out of office, the app will reject all meetings during this time.

The new features in Google Calendar they are increasingly useful for work environments and the organization of work in general. We hope these options are helpful and make more productive and comfortable your working day.

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