Google against ChatGPT: they work on more than 20 projects powered by artificial intelligence

Google against ChatGPT: they work on more than 20 projects powered by artificial intelligence

Google is well positioned in the search market niche, with a virtual monopoly from which it does not want to get off in the future either, but the commotion caused by the launch of ChatGPT of OpenAI, has raised all the alarms in those of Mountain View.

However, the technology that ChatGPT puts into play is surprising many, and although it has also received criticism, most are flattery, and that is why Google has completely changed its strategy, and wants to start investing in it. artificial intelligence in a capital way so that your search engine (and other of your services) continue to be the first option in the coming decades.

As collected by The New York Timesvia Thevergeat Google they are working on more than 20 projects powered by artificial intelligence and they are going to show a version of their search engine with functions of AI this same year.

Although Google already decided in 2020 not to invest a lot of money in artificial intelligence, in view of the proliferation of technologies such as ChatGPT, they have changed their mind.

However, Google is not having a good time, and recently announced deep cuts in their workforce, while they have clarified that they will focus on artificial intelligence as the main line of business for the future.

The founders of Google “return”

According to The New York Times, both Larry Page What sergey brinfounders of Google, are offering advice to the company’s current leaders, also approving plans and sending them ideas, all to talk about what ChatGPT is all about.

They claim that Googlewill prioritize getting data right, ensuring security, and getting rid of misinformation”, in reference to one of the main criticisms of ChatGPT.

They also comment that Google would be working on a way to speed up the review processes that verify that the technology works fairly and ethically.

While no concrete time frame has been given for the launch of the demo of the new Google based on AI search, The New York Times claims that it could be shown at its annual Google I/O event in May.

Some of these mentioned new projects that Google would be working on include an image generator that creates and edits, an app for testing product prototypes, and a set of tools that other companies can use to create AI prototypes.

They would also be working on a code generation tool called PaLM-Coder 2 and another to help create smartphone apps called Colab + Android Studio.

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