"good things take time"Bluepoint anticipates when it will reveal its new game

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Despite being founded only in 2006, the Bluepoint Games studio has earned such a reputation to such a degree that it has already worked on multiple important projects and was bought by Sony in 2021. Given its relevance and its good results, fans are on the lookout for their next project and today is a good day, as one of their leaders spoke about it while offering their support to developers affected by recent layoffs.

Just yesterday Microsoft reported that it would lay off thousands of employees, some of whom would impact game development teams like The Coalition and 343 Industries. Well, in the midst of this sad situation, Bluepoint Games invited the affected developers to seek employment in this studio.

It was precisely the chief technology developer of Bluepoint Games, Peter Dalton, who took advantage of his Twitter account to make the invitation, in which he stated that they have several vacancies and that they are especially looking for rendering programmers. This invitation was made precisely on the day that Microsoft announced thousands of layoffs, but surely it also extends to those who have just lost their jobs at Google.

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When will Bluepoint Games announce their next game?

Something very interesting is that with this invitation Dalton revealed that the studio is already working on his “next project”. Taking into account that it is a relatively small study (it had around 70 employees in 2021), it is very likely that the vacancies are to help in the development of this new game.

The best thing is that a user kindly questioned the developer when we will be able to know which project he is referring to and Dalton replied, albeit ambiguously: “when the time is right”, stating that “all good things take time”.

In case you missed it: Bluepoint Games hinted that it was working on 2 remakes.

since it launched Demon’s SoulsBluepoint Games has not commented much on its new project, beyond that it will have original content, which completely confirmed the rumor in which the memorable informant MarsipanRumpan anticipated that Sony would buy Bluepoint Games and that one of the conditions of the studio was to have the opportunity to create a new IP, because it did not want to be known as a remake or remaster studio.

However, there is a chance that this original IP may not be your next project. We say this because there is a rumor that Bluepoint Games is working on the “remake of a beloved game” and another that reveals that it is working on not only 1, but 2 projects of bloodborne: 1 remaster and 1 completely new game.

Last December, through a Christmas card, the studio excited fans about its new game, but there was nothing more revealing.

We will keep you informed.

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