Gonzalo Garea, the ‘pioneer’ nutritionist of the women’s soccer team

July 16 () –

For the first time, the Spanish women’s soccer team has a nutritionist to face the World Cup, and in this sense, Gonzalo Garea takes care of the nutrition of the international players during the imminent final phase of the tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has highlighted this Sunday that “if this World Cup is pioneering for being the first to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, as far as food is concerned it will also be the first in which Spain has a nutritionist sportsman accredited in his work team”.

“Soccer players tend to like marinated tuna and salmon a lot, along with ham, chicken, tofu or vegetable options,” explained the Cantabrian nutritionist Gonzalo Garea, for whom this World Cup event “is a very complex competition” since the nutritional point of view.

Thus, Garea has stressed that it will be “a concentration that can last about two months” if the Spanish team advances in the qualifying rounds. In the opinion of the nutritionist, throughout this period “you have to see menus, supplementation, workloads, specific food, travel, logistics…”.

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“Many times we have problems with raw materials when we are in a country as far away as New Zealand. There is a lot of ‘back office’ that is not seen on a day-to-day basis”, Garea commented, also admitting his good landing in the technical organization chart of the RFEF.

“They have welcomed me very well”, Garea said about his first experience in a tournament of these characteristics, in permanent coordination with the medical staff and the kitchen of a team “with the desire to eat this World Cup by mouthful”, as expressed by the RFEF itself in a press release.

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