Gmail: How to disable the spam filter

Geeknetic Gmail: How to disable spam filter 1

What is the spam filter?

Spam filtering is a technique used by all kinds of services, including email. Its objective is save the user from receiving spamwhich could be potential cases of phishing, scamsor simply unsolicited advertising.

In the main email providers the spam filter is integrated and activated by default. It’s more, they don’t always make it especially easy to disable or remove it.

In what situations can it be removed?

As we just discussed, disabling the spam filter is not always intuitive. For example, the case that we are going to cover in this guide, on how to disable it in Gmail, will show that there is no particular setting to enable or disable to pause or resume spam filtering.

Each service has its own way of removing the filter, although it can be relatively similar if the services to be compared have similar types of settings.

How to disable the spam filter in Gmail step by step

To open the Gmail settings, the first thing to do is to log in and access our inbox. Once in the inbox, we will follow the next steps. If we don’t have a Gmail account, we will need to create one.

  1. In the upper right area we will see our profile picture along with some extra icons. We are interested in gear located to the left of our photo. We click there.

    Geeknetic Gmail: How to Disable Spam Filter 2

  2. Clicking on the gear will open the quick settings, which have as their first button a access to all Gmail settingswhere we must click to see the following:

    Geeknetic Gmail: How to Disable Spam Filter 3Obviously each one will have its own configuration, it does not matter if it is not identical to the one in the image, but we have already accessed the complete settings.

  3. We access the category in the top bar of “Filters and blocked addresses“, where we will see the following:Geeknetic Gmail: How to Disable Spam Filter 4Some personal settings have been hidden, but in case you have never accessed this section it will be empty, which is not a problem.

    Once located in the Filters and blocked addresses configuration, what we are going to do is create a filter to make any incoming mail go through spam, acting as if the spam filtering option was deactivated despite not existing as such.

  4. From the configuration we look in the lower area for the button “Create a filter“, next to “Import filters” and before the blocked addresses section. A pop-up window like the following will open:

    Geeknetic Gmail: How to disable the spam filter 5

  5. Of this window we are only concerned with the fourth text field from the top, which reads “contains the words“. We are going to use a little trick by pasting the following text: {(to:me) (deliveredto:DIRECCIÓ[email protected])}. Very important, we must replace the text of ADDRESS with our own email address. Once written, the lower button of “create filter“, which we must click.

    Geeknetic Gmail: How to Disable Spam Filter 6

  6. After a minimal load, the popup will update to display a list of checkboxes. In the seventh position we will see the one that should capture our attention, “Never mark as spam“.

    Geeknetic Gmail: How to disable the spam filter 7

    Take into account what is indicated in the lower area, the conversations that are already in Spam or in the Trash can not apply this filter.

  7. After checking this box, we can simply click on the lower right blue button that says “create filter“. By doing so we will see a small notification in the lower left corner like the following:

    Geeknetic Gmail: How to Disable Spam Filter 8

    We will also be returned to the Filters and blocked addresses configuration, where we will now see the filter that we have created (if we had others previously, it will be at the end of the list).

  8. That is all! We have already configured Gmail so that it does not send any of the received emails to spam, we can calmly log out.

As we have seen, despite not having a native setting to disable the spam filter, the process, if you know how it should be, is not particularly complicated. A curious note would be that, we can prevent any filter that later has the final step box checked from being spammed.

Geeknetic Gmail: How to Disable Spam Filter 9

That means that if instead of putting the text that we provide you, you write the criteria that you want to be followed in the pop-up window of the fifth step, such as the address of a specific person or company (you can put several in a same filter), you will deactivate the spam filter to exclusively received emails that meet that criteria, instead of turning it off completely.

If it has been useful to you, remember that Gmail is capable of managing other basic resources such as automatic replies, or if we are more advanced users, we can also configure SMTP.

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