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Gladys Chun, General Counsel at Lazada, on Digitization and Disruption in Southeast Asia

Gladys Chun, General Counsel at Lazada, on Digitization and Disruption in Southeast Asia

Part of the new Lazada offices in Singapore. Source: Lazada

The future of Southeast Asia is digital, diverse and yet to be written, According to Gladys Chun, General Counsel for Lazada, Alibaba Group’s flagship e-commerce platform for the region.

This Singapore-based lawyer, who joined Lazada in 2014, is responsible for legal and compliance matters in all the countries where the company is present.

“In my role, the opportunities to participate and make a difference in shaping the development of e-commerce laws and regulations in Southeast Asia are a legacy for my future generations,” said Chun.

Chun was there as Lazada grew from a start-up to a multinational e-commerce platform.

With a background in business and commercial law, but with her feet firmly planted in the e-commerce and technology industries, Chun is something of a maverick.

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“Being the leader of a new generation of lawyers in one of the main e-commerce platforms in the region places me at the forefront of navigating the new and increasingly complex laws that govern the technology space,” he explained.

But even a giant like Lazada can suffer a setback, and the coronavirus pandemic put Chun’s legal team to the test.

“We have had to navigate the ever-changing regulations related to the pandemic situation to ensure business can continue while adapting to the impact of COVID-19,” Chun explained.

Gladys Chun, general counsel for Lazada.

The platform’s legal team moved quickly to adjust relief and incentive programs for merchants impacted by the turbulent economy, while improving onboarding processes for new sellers on the platform and accelerating claim resolution.

This digital-driven agility enables Lazada to effectively serve the region and is what drives Chun after more than eight years with the company.

“That’s why I’m still here and that’s why I’m very excited about the future of Lazada.”

Shaking up the social order

Digitization and creating greater visibility for women at work go hand in hand, according to Chun, who has seen the effects of both firsthand.

“In Southeast Asia, many of us have been raised in a culture that stereotypes women as primary caregivers in the home. However, with the advancement of technology, this mentality is changing », she says.

The region’s e-commerce market could grow by more than $280 billion between 2025 and 2030 if more women are supported to enter the workforce, according to a joint study by Lazada and the International Finance Corporation, a branch of the World Bank, conducted last year.

Lazada’s main lawyer is leading the initiative.

“In the last decade we have seen more women take on leadership roles and become role models for younger generations to break through the glass ceiling,” Chun said.

The online sales platform has been dedicated to empowering women across its ecosystem by making inclusive hiring decisions and supporting female employees from company to messaging.

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