Georgia opposition calls for new rallies despite withdrawal of foreign agents law

Georgia opposition calls for new rallies despite withdrawal of foreign agents law

March 9 () –

The opposition parties to the Government of Georgia have called this Thursday new demonstrations in front of the Parliament headquarters despite the fact that the Executive has reversed its bill on foreign agents, the main focus of the protests registered in recent days.

Thus, dozens of Georgians are currently meeting on Rustaveli Avenue in the capital, Tbilisi, for the third consecutive day in the framework of protests that have so far resulted in more than 130 arrests and have been repressed by the security forces. with water cannons and even tear gas.

The Ministry of the Interior has reported this Thursday that the citizens detained in the framework of the protests have already been brought to justice or released. Likewise, it has confirmed an ongoing investigation to identify those responsible for assaulting police officers and other violent actions, reports the Rustavi television channel.

After the pressure exerted not only by the population and the opposition, but also by international powers and organizations -such as the United States or the European Union-, the government parties Georgian Dream and People’s Power have announced this Thursday the withdrawal of the controversial project Of law.

The measure supports the preparation of a ‘black list’ of organizations and entities financed by foreign powers, a law that has been criticized for its “pro-Russian court” and for distancing itself from the community values ​​of the European Union, thus distancing the country from its aspirations to be part of the bloc.

Although the draft had already obtained the first approval from the Chamber, after a series of internal consultations, both government formations have decided to proceed with the withdrawal of the bill given “the differences caused within society”, as they have explained. it’s a statement.


One of the main voices critical of the Executive’s bill proposal has been the Georgian president herself, Salome Zurabishvili, who in the first place has congratulated society as a whole for, with their peaceful protest, having managed to get the government to back down from measure.

“I welcome the correct decision taken by the government (…). It is a decision to take into account the real power of the people, what has been seen in the streets of Tbilisi. If we are a democratic country (… ) it is impossible for the Government and Parliament not to take into account the voice of the people”, he said, according to the newspaper ‘Resonance Daily’.

In this line, Zurabishvili has reassured the population by ensuring that, in the event that the Government finally goes ahead with the law on foreign agents, it will itself veto said legislation. “I am and I will be by your side”, remarked the Head of State.

Zurabishvili, who is on an official trip to the United States, suspended his schedule of meetings on Tuesday due to the images of tension broadcast in the vicinity of the Georgian Parliament, although this Thursday he has already confirmed that he will participate in “important meetings” to “strengthen ” the positions and relations of the country.

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