Genius! Player uses motion and voice controls to play Apex Legends

Genius!  Player uses motion and voice controls to play Apex Legends

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Controls, keyboard, mouse, these are generally the devices used by most players, although other forms of play have been proposed for a long time that involve a change from the traditional. Accessibility in the game has also played a key role and different controls have been released to allow players with different abilities to have fun. It seems that the least important thing will be how to play and a user of apex legends He showed that he can do it with his voice.

succeeding in apex legends with motion and voice controls

A post on reddit showed the draft of a player from apex legends who tested Respawn’s Battle Royale by adapting motion sensors and voice recognition technology. The experiment is interesting because with the motion sensor, the player controls the aim with his fingers while with the microphone he has on his shirt he can shoot with any word he says and he even dared to scream to unleash a constant machine gun attack, which did not stop firing until it fell silent.

Although the devices and the wiring show a project without development purposes, the community responded in a good way before the results, as some players indicated in the comments that they would like such a device to be available on the market, outside of what is available. in terms of virtual or augmented reality, while others encouraged this player to continue with the project to refine it and turn it into a game option that certainly looks interesting.

Remember that in this link you will find all the information related to apex legendssuch as our analysis of the differences between the console and PC version compared to the mobile version.

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