Gearbox UdeC held its annual meeting

Gearbox UdeC held its annual meeting

During the meeting, the executive director of Gearbox, Paola Verdugo, delivered the 2022 report to Pablo Catalán, dean of the FI UdeC; Pamela Guevara, R+D+i+e director, and Pamela Bórquez, 2030 coordinator.

In addition, outstanding students and mentors from the different pre-incubator programs were recognized.

Regarding the work of the pre-incubator, the Executive Director said that “one of the most significant aspects of 2022 for Gearbox was the strengthening of the community of student entrepreneurs. With an active group that looks for opportunities and develops quickly. By 2023, our challenge is for all these initiatives to quickly seek their implementation.”

«We are convinced that the students of the UdeC Faculty of Engineering have a lot of potential and the student community will grow and strengthen”, he added.

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