Games With Gold March 2023: Free Xbox Gold games for Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One

Foolishly, the year is already moving into its third month, and Microsoft has announced the free games for march 2023 of the Games With Gold program for Xbox Gold subscribers. To get each of them you only need to have an Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account, which includes it, and then enter the profiles of each title to “buy” it at zero cost.

In this article we will tell you what the games that are going to be given away in this program are like, which can be for both Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One as well as for previous generation consoles. Remember that these from previous generations are compatible with the Xbox One, and that the four games they give away can be played on the Xbox Series X and Series S. In all of them we will give you their prices from the official XBox store, as well as the dates where you can buy them.

Free games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

  • From the 1st to the 31st of March: truberbrook, valued at 29.99 euros. A point-and-click adventure game, the usual, but with a hand-crafted visual style and real materials. The appearance is very handmade, but its plot is simple and you have to help an American scientist to save the world from a small German town in the middle of the cold war. You have the analysis in LifeExtraand the tab in 3DGames.
  • From the 1st to the 31st of March: Sudden Strike 4 – Complete Collection, valued at 39.99 euros. The complete pack of the fourth installment of this war strategy saga in real time. It is set in World War II, and it has everything you can expect from this type of title. You have the tab in 3DGames.
  • From March 16 to April 15: lamentum, valued at 15.99 euros. A pixel art style survival horror, which is set in New England in the mid-19th century. It is a Spanish game, and it challenges you to solve the many riddles and fight the many enemies of a mysterious mansion. You have the tab in 3DGames.

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